About Healthy Cajun™

Healthy Cajun™ is a company founded by Dr. Chris Cormier, D.C., a Crowley native, and Adam Duplechin, a Church Point native.  Dr. Chris is an entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to helping people improve their health, and Adam is an entrepreneur who loves to cook.
Himalayan SaltThis company started after Adam came in as a patient to see Dr. Chris for help with various health problems.  Dr. Chris discovered that Adam’s body had a big problem handling conventional types of salt.  Dr. Chris recommended that Adam try a particular healthy salt that he and his family had been using for years.  They discovered that there were no season-all products containing this particular healthy salt.  This prompted the two men to develop Healthy Cajun Seasonings. 

The salt used in all Healthy Cajun™ Seasonings is a particular type of Himalayan salt called Original Himalayan Crystal Salt®.   Not all Himalayan Salts are the same.  In fact, there are 4 different mines of Himalayan Salt, and our Original Himalayan Crystal Salt® is the only one that has a certificate of analysis demonstrating 84 trace minerals and has research demonstrating efficacy and health benefits (www.himalayancrystalsalt.com/clinical-research.html).  One study proved dramatic health benefits in comparison to minimal health benefits from generic sea salt.

Healthy Cajun™ has exclusivity for using our Original Himalayan Crystal Salt® in seasoning blends in the United States.  Our salt is extracted from the mine by hand without the use of mechanical devices or explosives.  It is cleaned, hand-sorted, stone–crushed and hand-packed locally near the Himalayas.